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Re: Imenu for cobol-mode

From: Joakim Jalap
Subject: Re: Imenu for cobol-mode
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2017 19:27:51 +0200
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I will once again softly ping this issue!

Joakim Jalap <address@hidden> writes:

> Edward Hart <address@hidden> writes:
>> HI Joakim,
>> I think "PD header" would be a good name.
> I made it "PD HEADER", but that can be changed.
>> I noticed you added (require 'seq) to the file. What do you use the
>> library for? It would be nice to avoid having dependencies.
> Since Noam said it is included, I left it in for now.
>> I've found one extra bug: the functions don't index index-names. Their
>> declaration is of the form "INDEXED \\(BY\\)? (\w+)". It won't be
>> possible to merge it with the generic declaration regexp, since the
>> INDEXED clause often appears at the ends of lines, within another
>> item's declaration.
> Ok, I added this now. I tried on a couple of programs from
> gnu-cobol-contrib, and it seems to work :)
> -- Joakim

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