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Re: Refactor digest authentication in url-auth

From: Jarno Malmari
Subject: Re: Refactor digest authentication in url-auth
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2017 22:47:25 +0300

> Since no one seems to be interested to review this patch, I did that
> myself.  I have two comments:
> > +(defun url-digest-auth-build-response (key url realm attrs)
> > +  "Compute authorization string for the given challenge using KEY.
> > +
> > +The strings looks like 'Digest username=\"John\", realm=\"The
> > +Realm\", ...'
> Typo: should be "look", not "looks".

I decided the typo is in the plural form of "strings" since it describes the 
single return value. Fixed.

> > +(defun url-digest-find-new-key (url realm prompt)
> > +  "Find new key either from auth-source or interactively.
> > +The key is looked for based on URL and REALM.  If PROMPT is
> > +non-nil, ask interactively in case credentials weren't found from
> > +auth-source."
> This function's doc string looks strikingly different from the rest of
> the functions you wrote: not as detailed and clear as the rest.  Can
> you rework it to be more in line with the rest of the functions?

Revised content:

(defun url-digest-find-new-key (url realm prompt)
  "Find credentials and create a new authorization key for given URL and REALM.

Return value is the new key, or nil if credentials weren't found.
\"New\" in this context means a key that's not yet found in cache
variable `url-digest-auth-storage'.  You may use `url-digest-cache-key'
to put it there.

This function uses `url-digest-find-creds' to find the
credentials.  It first looks in auth-source.  If not found, and
PROMPT is non-nil, user is asked for credentials interactively
via minibuffer."

> With those minor issues fixed, I will push your changes.

Thanks! Update patches follow this mail.

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