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Re: Problem committing tests

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Problem committing tests
Date: Mon, 29 May 2017 08:41:31 +0200

> I wanted to include some tests with the fix for bug#27121 that I just
> committed to master (d76c007); however, git complained about trailing
> whitespace in two data files for the tests.  This whitespace is part of
> the file format used by todo-mode.el, so I cannot delete it.  I see that
> the .gitattributes file in the repository lists several test files for
> which whitespace warnings should be ignored; should I add the todo-mode
> test data files to the list?  Or is there another or better way to tell
> git to ignore this whitespace and commit the files?

Please do add the name of your file there.  Unfortunately, this is not
always done and so git doesn't commit here when resolving a conflict
after a pull by telling me (as of last week) something like

admin/unidata/Makefile.in:122: new blank line at EOF.

and I have to locally commit -n.  Someone proposed a fix for this but it
apparently never made it to the repository.  It's a pain because I tend
to forget about this issue until I get bitten by it the next time ...


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