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Re: Commit 49c0ff2 "Don't bind org-agenda .."

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: Commit 49c0ff2 "Don't bind org-agenda .."
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2017 15:12:27 -0400
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Bastien Guerry <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Kaushal and Mark,
>> I recently saw this commit:
>> http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/emacs.git/commit/?id=
>> 49c0ff29c2e0243ba35ec17e3e3af49369be43db on emacs master branch.
>> It caught my attention because I haven't seen any commits for
>> org-mode functional changes in emacs master. The org-related commits
>> in emacs master are usually ones for compatibility with emacs master.
>> Not knowing the "right way", I am just confirming if commits like
>> these should go to org master ( http://orgmode.org/cgit.cgi/
>> org-mode.git/log/ ) instead.
> For *every* org commit, committers should first consider committing
> (1) to the Org maint branch, then (2) to the Org master branch, then
> (3) to the Emacs repo.
> We don't discourage commits made directly in the Emacs repo, because
> we are glad people fix things there too, but life would be a little
> easier if all commits would go to upstream first.

Right, but I think it's worth emphasizing that commits that are more
than just fixes are much harder to deal with.  Under the current system
for syncing Emacs and Org [*], bug fixes are (usually) trivial to
backport to Org's maint branch, but changes that are appropriate for
Org's master branch are more problematic because it's a release from the
Org maint branch that will be synced with the Emacs master branch.

[*] As mentioned several times on this list, the Emacs repo is very
    overdue for a sync with Org.  Aside from this commit, all
    Org-related commits on Emacs's side have been backported (or
    otherwise resolved) to Org's maint branch.  On the Org list, Kaushal
    expressed interest in moving along the final step of syncing, so
    hopefully a sync isn't too far off.
> In this particular case, the commit should go on Org master.  (No
> need to delete it from Emacs.)
> About the functionality itself, I just gave a quick look, but it
> feels like (org-agenda-redo t) should be responsible for doing what
> `org-agenda-redo-all' is doing, and we need to carefully check that
> checking all buffers is a good idea.

I think the options are

 1. Revert this commit in Emacs and make the (org-agenda-redo t) change
    you propose (in either maint or master).

 2. Revert this commit in Emacs.

 3. Revert this commit in Emacs and apply it to Org's master branch.

 4. Despite this commit being more appropriate for Org's master branch,
    backport it to Org's maint branch because it seems like it would be

Other options will result in Emacs-specific Org code that isn't included
in a released version of Org and that will be lost when syncing.


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