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Re: Terminal locked when spawning a new tty frame

From: rrandresf
Subject: Re: Terminal locked when spawning a new tty frame
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2019 15:12:07 +0000

Hi Alex.

I have not been able of reproducing this with "emacs
-Q". That's the reason I have not been able of reporting this bug.

Having said that. I have a workaround. But I have two scenaries when this 

Scenary One:
When working on another workstation through ssh -Y user@host (X
forwarding). And closing the emacs session on the remote workstation.

In this case I just need to go to the local emacs session and kill the
*Backtrace* buffer. I have created an alias for It.

Scenary Two:
On the same machine I mix tty's, virtual tty's and X windows. This is
your case. My workaround on this case is opening a new emacs graphical
session (emacsclient -c -n). And from that session call
"close-display-connection". Before that (long time ago). Restart was a
terrible option.

Best Regards

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