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Re: [PATCH] Enable persistent naming for tabs

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Enable persistent naming for tabs
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2019 00:46:36 +0300
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>>> C) Disable tab-bar-mode
>> While implementing tab closing undo, I added disabling tab-bar-mode
>> because it was easier to just add this line:
>>                (or (<= (length tabs) 1) ; closed the last tab
>> But please remove this from the default behavior because
> Sorry, I didn't quite understand what you wanted me to do there, so I
> didn't try to address it.

I see that you already resolved this after rebasing.  Thanks!
Now your patch is pushed to master without merge conflicts.

>> I noticed that it disables tab-bar on all frames, whereas
>> it would make more sense to disable tab-bar only on the
>> selected frame.

I meant we could have separate tab-bar-mode to disable it only
on the selected frame, and global-tab-bar-mode to disable it
globally on all frames.

> It occurred to me in the process of writing this up that it might be
> useful to provide hook variables for creating and closing tabs -
> 'tab-bar-tab-open-hook' and 'tab-bar-tab-close-hook' perhaps? Standard
> fare on those - a list of functions that take the tab as an argument,
> probably called as the last task of tab creation and the first task of
> tab closing? Thoughts?

Not sure if this could be a hook on tab-bar basic events,
or a customizable function.  Also not clear whether to call it
before or after the main body.

We need to collect more examples of use cases to decide
on the implementation.

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