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Re: Strange use of (run-with-timer 0 nil #'foo args) in do-after-load-ev

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Strange use of (run-with-timer 0 nil #'foo args) in do-after-load-evaluation
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2019 23:57:32 +0200
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>>> The current situation seems unsatisfactory; the prompt from
>>> hack-local-variables is more important than the deprecation message,
>>> and shouldn't be obscured by it.
>> It's a kind of general problem with messages, indeed.
> Yup.  There are several bug reports on this (general) issue of
> asynchronous messages hiding queries.  One suggestion has been to extend
> the echo area in these instances, showing the message (perhaps) below
> the prompt.  Another is to have the prompt re-assert itself after a
> timeout, making the message disappear.

These bug reports are fixed now when messages are displayed in the
minibuffer, but the problem still exists for the y-or-n-p prompt.

Why y-or-n-p doesn't use normal minibuffer functions?

It can finely use read-from-minibuffer with a keymap where
'y' and 'n' keys are bound to minibuffer-exiting commands.

Then history commands will be available for free, so you don't need
to re-implement minibuffer history commands with `read-char-with-history'.

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