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RE: [PATCH] Add user option to disable location in bookmarks

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: [PATCH] Add user option to disable location in bookmarks
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2020 21:35:48 +0000 (UTC)

> I've just started using save-place-mode, and found that bookmarks really
> get in the way.  I figure there are probably a lot of people that use
> bookmarks just to save some common files, rather than locations within a
> file.

(FYI: Half of your message ended up as an attachment.  At least that's how my 
email client, Outlook, delivered it.  Maybe a problem at my end; dunno.)

You don't specify what the actual problem is.  How does
a bookmark interfere with save-place?  Maybe provide a
step-by-step recipe to show the problem, starting from
`emacs -Q' (no init file).

Just what behavior are you looking for?  Do you not want
to open the file at all?  (If so, what do you want the
bookmark to do with the file, instead of opening it?)

If you want the bookmark to open the file, where do you
want the cursor to be in it - at what position?

You can create a bookmark to (almost) anything - a file
is just one possibility.  And a bookmark can do (almost)
anything with the thing it targets.

A bookmark can target a file in any way you want,
including (but not limited to) opening it at a given
position.  You can easily bookmark a file so that the
bookmark opens it with the cursor at position 1, for
example.  (And you need not visit a file in order to
bookmark it.)

Finally, a bookmark need not have any `location' field.

In sum, it's not clear to me: (1) what problem you want
to report, (2) why you think the solution is to not
include a `location' field, and (3) why you (apparently)
think that a bookmark requires a `location' field.

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