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Re: [PATCH] Add user option to disable location in bookmarks

From: Jamie Beardslee
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Add user option to disable location in bookmarks
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2020 12:22:07 +1200
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>> My patch allows the user to choose whether or not the bookmark record
>> should be in control of the position.
> The bookmark record has already chosen that.  Just use a different
> kind of record.  Why have an option that acts in a blanket manner on
> all bookmarks, to ignore their position?

I don't see the problem here, surely some users would want to ignore
bookmarks' positions.  There isn't a similar built-in library that
doesn't save position so I feel it should be an option provided by
bookmark.el without the user needing to define their own handler.

> If this is about save-place then save-place should do the right thing.
> See above.  If there's an option to be added in that regard, it's a
> save-place option: `save-place-ignore-bookmark-position'.  The hook
> function (see above) can move to the save-place place if the option is
> non-nil, and just do nothing if it's nil.

Okay, well I've attached that patch here.  I understand this is skipping
over one of the best features of bookmarks, but I still think it's a
valuable option even without the use of save-place.


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