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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] usage, ideas, suggestions, actually a braindumnp

From: nielsgiesen
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] usage, ideas, suggestions, actually a braindumnp
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 15:02:38 +0200 (CEST)

On Apr 27, 2006, at 11:53, address@hidden wrote:
>> * Some other things that have come up during usage:
>> ** option for clean export view of timestamps
>Do you have an example of what you mean?

Timestamps without the angular brackets. Actually not that important,
although it might be nice in exporting tables, as applications using
this have their own ways of playing with such data. But then you'd
have to convert them back to the org-form when importing such a

>> ** option to leave timestamps out in export function

>I guess, leave them out together with keywords like DEADLINE, SCHEDULED 
>and CLOSED, right?

If they are grouped, yes.

>> ** option to leave tags out in export function.

>Useful, yes, or at least make them look better.

That was the idea behind the 'clean timestamps' too, though here it is
more important.

>> ** org-export-to-LaTeX

>Very unlikely that I will do this effort.  Thought about it long ago 
>and decided it was too much work for too little gain.

If time and use so merits, I will look into this myself.

>> ** make follow-mode the default as customization option;
>> for myself, I have just hacked the code to have follow-mode always on.

>Really, you want this always on?  OK, I will make it an option.  How 
>did you hack it?  You can of course use org-agenda-mode-hook to turn it 

For lack of time to sniffing through the code and really understand it
to   come    up   with   an    elegant   solution,   I    simply   put
(org-agenda-follow-mode t) near the end of each function called by C-c
a * (where * stands for each letter that I use at the moment).

>(add-hook 'org-agenda-mode-hook
>   (lambda () (setq org-agenda-follow-mode t)
>              (org-agenda-set-mode-name)))

Thanks, that's way better than my ugly hacks! 

>> ** strip links when unexportable as link
>> Export description, or, when lacking, only the content of the link.

>Example where this goes wrong?

It is when you put a link inside a table, which is exported to csv and
just gives  the raw ascii  code in the  exported table. Sorry  for not
being clear enough.

Another one, where the link is valid, but just the layout not as
expected, is inside a headline to html, :

* DONE eerste bandje volledig begrijpen <<<1>>> DEADLINE: <2006-04-23

exports as

<H2><a name="sec-1">1 <SPAN CLASS="DONE">DONE</SPAN> eerste bandje volledig 
begrijpen &lt;<span class="target">1</span> &gt; <SPAN 
CLASS="DEADLINE">DEADLINE:</SPAN> &lt;2006-04-23 Sun&gt; </a></H2>

which looks like

1 DONE eerste bandje volledig begrijpen <1 > DEADLINE: <2006-04-23 Sun>

notice the whitespace between 1 and >

>> When data can  be retrieved back from an  exported format, this would
>> be included /as/ /option/, as one will e.g. want to communicate to and 
>> fro
>> with csv tables.

>I did not understand this one, sorry.

When a link like  [[link][description]] is exported as such when
the link is in a table, there  are two sides to this: 

1. Looks ugly in csv 

2. You would want to  preserve the link  (so not strip it  of its
brackets)  when  having  made  changes  to the  table  in  some  other
application, and then imported it again.

As these two sides are irreconcilable, I have opted to make only use
of internal radio links inside a table, which do not look ugly when exported.

One more point concerning link-export: 

1. when exporting a  link to a location in another  file to html, this
will create a  link in the html page which  cannot retrieve its target
(which probably  is due to  html itself, but  I do not know  html that
well). Such links be better left out.

Thank you very much for your answers, and I will be happy to continue



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