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Re: [Orgmode] agenda csv export: three problems (batch, koi8-r and comma

From: Ruslan Kosolapov
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] agenda csv export: three problems (batch, koi8-r and commas)
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 19:59:24 +0700
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 >> org-mode 4.75, emacs-snapshot (latest from debian sid)
 >> --[ 3. Problems with , and "" ]--
 >> As far as I know, strings in csv should be quoted, else there will be
 >> problems if string contains comma.
 >> Now I see than "head" field placed in csv without quotes.  So, if I
 >> use comma in heading text, csv-parsing script fails.
 JFM> I wondered about this immediately after csv agenda export was
 JFM> added, so I tested it.  My testing showed that commas in
 JFM> headlines are converted to semicolon on export (it must be
 JFM> getting done earlier in the code than where you looked at it
 JFM> being placed in the csv).  Probably not The Right Thing, but
 JFM> good enough, and surely easier than worrying about quoting.

  Yes, I already found org-agenda-export-csv-mapper.
  Shame on me :(

PS: this is strange, but when I test this issue, I didn't see such
substitution.  Now I can not repeat that case, all works fine.  Maybe
bug was in my eyes.

Ruslan Kosolapov
Plesk QA Department Second Manager
SWsoft, Inc.

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