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[O] integrating org-mode with complice.co?

From: Adam Spiers
Subject: [O] integrating org-mode with complice.co?
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2018 22:58:36 +0100

Hi all,

I know we have some Beeminders here, so it seems reasonable to ask whether we also have any Complice users?


It's a really nice (albeit proprietary) service to help users achieve direction, focus, and consistent progress with their lives.


However it doesn't really have anything in the way of long-term planning.  So I've been thinking that an org-complice mode which provides a bridge between long lists of projects / TODOs in org-mode and Complice's minimalist day-to-day view could be quite an effective strategy.

It has an alpha API:


In particular, when using org-mode as a comprehensive "product backlog for life", it would be nice to be able to import tasks and goals into Complice, and then have synchronisation which propagates the completion of tasks back into org-mode.

Does that make sense, or is it a dumb idea? :-)


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