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[Fenfire-dev] love story blister

From: Neddie Delarosa
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] love story blister
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 14:30:15 +0200

We focus on stocks that have great potential to move up in price!!!
We assume many of you like to "trade the promotion" and may have
made some big, fast money doing so.
There is a massive promotion underway this weekend apprising
potential eager investors of this emerging situation.
They have cash and have made great strategic aquisitions.

Trade Date : 5 June 2006
Company : Amerossi International Group Inc.
S t o c k : A M S N Yes, it looks like the momentum has started up again.
Today : $0.05
Projection 4 to 5 Days : $0.70
Expectations : 10(10)

Good luck and trade out at the top!!!
This stock will explode!
..Whatever you do WATCH  A M S N ...

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