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[Fenfire-dev] Anti Terrorism Device, Bombs, MInes, Guns, Amunition Detec

From: Joe Pereira
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] Anti Terrorism Device, Bombs, MInes, Guns, Amunition Detector. Most Inexpensive in industry. Agents or Representatives welcome. Special Pricing for NonProfit Organizations and Governments. AGENTS WANTED.
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 05:07:31 -0400

PLEASE CONTACT US VIA EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS OR AGENTS AGREEMENTS. This email is being sent to you because either you or your organization has shown interest in this area. We ask that you forward this to the appropriate department for their review. If there is no interest from anyone to continue to receive information from us about this product or any other product we may have or add to our exclusive list please send an email to address@hidden with the word remove on the subject line so that we may immediatly remove you from our list. Chelworth Investments Ltd. Largo Do Mastro 34 r/c 1150-229 Lisboa, PT 351-21-885-3931 351-21-885-1077 FAX address@hidden ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Sniffex || The Explosive Detection Experts
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Sniffex || The Explosive Detection Experts
Sniffex Corporation | Overview
Sniffex™ is a pocket-sized, hand held device for the detection of a wide variety of explosives including, but not limited to, TNT, dynamite, ammonite (diesel), PETN, RDX, gunpowder, Semtex, C4, and all nitrous oxide based explosives. Sniffex™ works on the basis of its ability to detect the presence of nitrous oxide (free) radicals within its effective range. Sniffex™ does not tell the operator the type of explosive detected.

Sniffex™ is the first device of its kind that can detect explosives from distances of up to 100 meters, even when the explosive is hidden behind walls or metal barriers such as buildings or vehicles. Other products are only effective within a few centimeters of their target. Additionally, Sniffex™ appears to be just as effective at finding fired weapons as finding nitrous oxide based explosives.

Sniffex™ is unique to all known explosive detection systems, both existing and under development.

Sniffex™ uses a totally different approach. It detects the interference between the magnetic field of the earth, the explosive, the device itself, and the human body which allows the device to penetrate and locate even small amounts of explosives through concrete, soil, and metal barriers.

Sniffex™ detects all types of explosives on the basis of the presence of nitrous oxide radicals. Sniffex™ operates only when in contact with the hand because of the human body interface.

A two-point interference field has a line of prominence along an axis between the source signal and the target material. Using this approach of detecting an interference field pattern, an operator can identify the presence of nitrous oxide radicals. Determining the line of prominence gives direction to the material and its location is achieved through triangulation.

The antenna is the pointer for the device. When Sniffex™ detects a nitrous oxide based explosive or a weapon that has been fired, the antenna “points” or rotates in the direction of the explosive or weapon. This rotation occurs as Sniffex™ enters into an area containing an abnormally high concentration of nitrous oxide radicals.

We have successfully demonstrated that Sniffex™ can penetrate concrete and brick walls as well as metal structures, containers, and vehicles. It is possible to become proficient in only a few hours of education and training that are provided by a trained instructor.

Sniffex || The Explosives Detection Experts
Sniffex™ can be used in many possible scenarios:

1. Search in Buildings: In order to provide the operator maximum safety this search is best conducted from outside of the building. Sniffex™ allows an operator to walk along the street and search for explosives or weapons hidden in the building. A search can however, also be successful from within the building, if conditions outside are not optimal.

2. Cars, Parking lots: A simple walk around a parking lot with Sniffex™ can detect whether or not explosives or weapons have been hidden in one or more of the cars.

3. Airports:

a). Aircraft - Security personnel, using Sniffex™, can pass by an aircraft with all passengers and luggage on board in order to check the airplane for anything dangerous before takeoff. An added benefit is that this can be done from a safe distance of 7-17 meters (approx. 6-50 feet).
b). Luggage - Sniffex™ can sweep large amounts of luggage at security lines and customs. As little as 10-20 grams of explosives can give Sniffex™ a positive reading.

5. Police Use: Police can use the device to sweep suspect’s homes before they enter to determine whether explosives or weapon are contained in the house.

6. SWAT Teams: Special Forces can use Sniffex™ to check for everything from large explosives to ammunition stockpiles.

7. Cargo/Freight: Sniffex™ can be used to sweep large quantities of cargo and/or freight to determine if any potentially dangerous explosives or weapons were being transported without the company’s knowledge.

8. Stadiums or Arenas: A walk by a large crowd of people by security personnel can localize any explosives or weapons in the area.

*Land Mines: We believe it is possible to use Sniffex™ to find land mines in shallow soil, but to date, this situation has not been proven.

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