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[Fenfire-dev] outmoded

From: Lizzie Zimmerman
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] outmoded
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 05:09:01 -0600

After that he sethimself down for two long days to read the weekly papers for thepast year. They had with them food at theutmost for seven days and petroleum for a little longer.
Stannix was coldly polite, andhis haggard face was set hard.
Iexpect you to draw on me for all you want. And leave our bones there, said Falconet. He had lost the power ofself-restraint, and there was no companionship to be got out ofhim. That meeting in Falconets flat hadfate behind it. He looked at food withdistaste, and he began to suffer from blinding headaches.
Once the sledgetoppled into a voe, and Falconets diaries were only rescued by amiracle.
Next morning Adams bleared eyes studied the map.
Not more than half a dozen peoplerealised that Adam was back from the wilds.
This meant that each had to carry a load,and stumble painfully along the boulder-strewn shore.
The sharpness of the hunger-pangs had gone, but both menwere half-delirious. Days and nights were alike dark, for they could affordlittle light.
He is very clever and is making a great deal ofmoney, and he also lives the life of pleasure. They rarely spoke to each other, and neverconversed.
Once the sledgetoppled into a voe, and Falconets diaries were only rescued by amiracle. Please dont thank me, said Shaston when they parted.
Well, you will not meet him just yet, for he swims in adifferent pool. The advent of spring hadworked a miracle with Falconet.
Thats a queer thing, for he wants to meet YOU. For before you follow youwill have to create your leader.
The yacht touched at Liverpool, where Falconet turned a flinty faceto enquiring journalists. Close to the land the icewas smooth and bare, and it was possible to hoist a sail and travelfast. Adams feeble hands uncovered the food box, which wasintact. He was a youngman who might be thirty, but no more. They decidedto push on to the next cache.
As he passed the other hestopped for a moment to watch him.
They slept ill that night and nextmorning reduced their rations to a pound a day.
But thats idiocy, said Falconet fiercely.

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