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Re: [fsfc-discuss] the sky is falling!

From: Scott Elcomb
Subject: Re: [fsfc-discuss] the sky is falling!
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2013 15:46:44 -0400

I'd like to comment on the line "It needs to be drilled into the heads of politicians,"

There was a similar conversation on the Digital Copyright Canada mailing list years ago[1] in which I made my choice.  We can try to educate the politicians in a non-partisan manner [which I whole-heartedly support btw!] or bring that knowledge into the system ourselves.

I chose the latter. I do not trust legislators when it comes to technology law; it's similar to letting the Church[2] decide what is or is-not in the realm of Science.

Something else that drove me to the decision: "With knowledge comes responsibility."  I'm not saying I'm a subject-matter expert here, but if I don't stand up then who will?  Most likely someone with even less knowledge in this area.

Canada was the first Pirate Party to be officially registered outside of Europe; we've lost momentum but that should not be surprising.  I knew going in that it'd take years for us to have any serious impact, that there would be more downs than ups during this period, and that generally-speaking it would be rough going.  So far, we're right on track.

That said, many people who are aware of us (and even some of our membership[3]) still think we're only interested in getting Entertainment content for free.  This couldn't be farther from the truth though - among the "serious" Pirates - those I refer to as "Political Pirates" are far more concerned with naiive/ignorant[4] legislators, legislation and their effects on the public.

- Scott

[1] circa 2005/06 IIRC - roughly around the time the Swedish Pirate Party was launching.  Unfortunately I was unable today to locate a link to the conversation on the DCC website.

[2] I'm not attacking the Church (or any religion) here; I'm just making reference to historical situations - such as the Earth being the center of the Universe - to make the point.

[3] a generalization on global attitudes of Pirates, based on anecdotal evidence I've seen in various Pirate Party-related mailing lists.

[4] again, I'm not trying to be provocative or insulting here.

On Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 11:38 PM, David C Dawson <address@hidden> wrote:
Is the sky falling?  It depends on the perspective, but the infosec
community has had a number of dreadful shocks lately.

Anyway, I just
wanted to say that the "War on general purpose computing." has been going
on longer than I knew. I think that the community to which we belong
should consider that the "fight" will not be "won" or "lost", but will
continue into the future and long past our short lives.

Does anyone know
about Fred Saberhagen's stories of the Berserker Wars? I only mention him,
to make the point that freedom has to be defended constantly, or it's

Therefore, the methods to defend freedom are more important than
the specifics.

People suffer; 'content', code, and hardware do not.

It needs to be drilled into the heads of politicians,
that software and hardware and *ware are not magic, that once an idea is
thought up, it isn't feasible, nor desireable to suppress it, as the
suppression causes far more damage than the idea can.

Bad ideas die a natural death, so to speak --- or should, and keeping
bad ideas (like DMCA, DRM, TPM, and the like), on life support, is to
prolong the agony, and defer the inevitable.

(If I (mis)quoted anyone without attibution, then *please* let me know!)


David Dawson VE7HP VE7HDC
IRC: (Freenode) VE7HP

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