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[Fsfe-uk] Government E-learning strategy

From: Ian Lynch
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] Government E-learning strategy
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 10:10:15 +0100

The DfES has just sent out a circular updating the E-learning strategy.
The gist is goven below.

"We are committed to focusing future investment in technology on three

Tailored learning or support for individual citizens.
Support to front line professionals, to assess and monitor learners –
and to develop their own skills.
Integrated systems, to facilitate the exchange of information and
learning materials between institutions and sectors.

These three priorities will form the basis of our e-learning strategy
and are based around the seven action areas set out in the consultation

Clearly Free software has a key role here yet its not mentioned - yet
again. If you would like to bring their attention to the fact that it
should be, send an E-mail to 


Keep it short, polite and to the point.

eg given the govenment's stated priority of cutting cost in the public
sector you are missing an opportunity by not clearly specifying the
importance of open systems and Free Libre and Open Source software in
the strategy. 

Ian Lynch <address@hidden>

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