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[Gene-discuss] You know, size does really matter!

From: Canosa Petra
Subject: [Gene-discuss] You know, size does really matter!
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 12:07:01 +0000

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    'Cut off his head! ' said a stern voice.
    'What did you say, sir? ' was Faggot's instant response to this savage
proposal. ' Cut off his head?  That's an idea! Behemoth! ' he shouted to the
cat. ' Do your stuff! Eins, zvei, drei!! '
    Then the most incredible thing happened. The cat's fur stood on end and
it uttered a harrowing ' miaaow! ' It crouched, then  leaped  like a panther
straight for Bengalsky's chest and from there to his head. Growling, the cat
dug its claws  into the  compere's  glossy hair and with a wild  screech  it
twisted the head clean off the  neck  in  two turns. Two and a half thousand
people screamed as one. Fountains of blood from the severed arteries in  the

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