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[Gene-discuss] Size, Does It Really Matter!?!

From: Galvez Rafael
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Size, Does It Really Matter!?!
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 14:11:05 +0000

Hei dude

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lady's  old dress and shoes for model  dresses and shoes from Paris,  adding
that the offer included handbags and the odds and ends that go in them.
    The  cat  began  bowing  and  scraping, its  forepaw gesturing  like  a
commissionaire opening a door.
    In a sweet though  slightly hoarse voice the girl made an  announcement
which sounded rather cryptic but which,  judging from the faces of the women
in the stalls, was very enticing :
    'Guerlain,  Chanel,  Mitsouko, Narcisse  Noir,  Chanel  Number  Five,
evening dresses, cocktail dresses . . .'
    Faggot bent double, the cat bowed and the girl opened the glass-fronted

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