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[Gforge-user] GForge opinions?

From: leigh
Subject: [Gforge-user] GForge opinions?
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 11:35:00 +1300

It's perhaps a little unfair to post this here, but I've not found
anywhere else to seek the sort of input I'm hoping for. I am being
even-handed, however, and asking similar questions of other product

We're a small (12 seat) software development house. We recently started
assessing Mozilla for bug tracking, but I felt there were other elements
of the development process we wanted to keep tabs on and make
universally available, so I broadened the task a little. From the little
documentation I can find, GForge looks a promising contender.

We want to expose some of the project data to our primary clients. How
secure have users found GForge in an internet-facing installation? Apart
from the usual lock-downs, is there any special treatment required?

On a similar topic, is it easy to finetune the functionality and types
of data made available to specific users or user groups? We want clients
to be able to post and view some types of Trackers but not others. And
I'm expecting that we'd want to hide certain categories of tracker items
from them, although I'm not sure yet.

Is there more documentation available anywhere (including, preferably,
screenshots) than the files on the GForge site? Does anyone have a
web-facing installation I could visit on a temporary username to have a

I'm also looking at Track+, Tutos and Double Choco Latte, but have
(different) misgivings about each of them.

Any comment, any input, gratefully received.

Thanks ...


Leigh Harrison
Black Coffee Software Ltd
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