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tumme.el 0.4.7 - no code

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: tumme.el 0.4.7 - no code
Date: 26 May 2005 01:56:22 +0200
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Please find the latest version here:

For contacting me, use the e-mail address found in the
source code.


  Version 0.4.7, 2005-05-26
  * Change header line of tumme.el so that it does not wrap and cause
  evaluation problems for people getting the source from Usenet.
  * Changed `tumme-write-tag' slightly to get better performance when
  tagging many files.
  * Fixed bug in `tumme-create-gallery-lists' that made it puke if
  there was empty lines in the database. Changed the code so that it
  does not car about that. Also, fixed `tumme-remove-tag' so that it
  tries not to add empty lines at the end of the database.
  * Changed all commands that execute shell commands to be
  configurable using the `tumme-cmd-x' custom variables. This makes
  it easier to switch among different image conversion tools which
  might use different syntax and options.
  * Added `tumme-toggle-dired-display-properties'.
  * Added `tumme-thumb-file-name-format' and changed
  `tumme-thumb-name' to make it possible to configure the format of
  thumbnail files. Did not make it customizable yet though. It might
  be a bad idea to be able to switch between formats...
  * Changed `tumme-display-window' so that it looks for tumme's
  display window in all frames. Useful if you want to create an own
  frame for displaying the temporary image.
  * After changing the call to `get-window-with-predicate' to scan
  all frames for tumme's special buffers in visible windows, and also
  changing the way tumme tracks thumbnail movement in the dired
  buffer (now using `set-buffer' together with `set-window-point'),
  tumme now works quite happily with all three buffers in different
  frames. This empowers the user to setup the special buffers the way
  that best fits his need at the time. Jumping between the dired and
  *tumme* buffers work independent on in which frames they are.
  * Renamed `tumme-track-movement-in-dired' to
  * Added `tumme-track-thumbnail' for movement tracking from dired
  buffer, analoguous to the tracking done in thumbnail buffer. Both
  uses the same custom variable `tumme-track-movement' which can be
  toggled on and off with `tumme-toggle-movement-tracking'. This is
  neat. :) Changed `tumme-setup-dired-keybindings' to make use of
  this in the best way. Read more about this there.


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