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basis-4-synch-4 (patch to finesse Emacs for VMS) available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: basis-4-synch-4 (patch to finesse Emacs for VMS) available
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 16:32:59 +0200

release notes:

  i've also deleted basis-1-synch-1, and will probably continue w/ this
  three-version window in the future.  deleting these old patches means
  i can also delete the associated cvs tags so that they don't pile up.


README excerpt:

  This dir contains a work-in-progress port of GNU Emacs to VMS.
  (I don't care what they call it, to me it will always be "VMS".)
  It is "work-in-progress" along several axes, each of which we
  move along a bit at at time (trying not to regress even though
  that can be difficult to determine w/o a proper test suite):
  Code Porting, Build Methodology, Installation Methodology, and
  GNU CVS Repository Integration.

NEWS excerpt:

  - basis-4-synch-4 | 2005-05-26
    - Code Porting
        No changes.
    - Build Methodology
      - No more standalone TRADCPP
        The [.TRADCPP] subdirectory has been dropped.  It used to
        contain a standalone version of the GNU C preprocessor, hacked
        to work under VMS, and used by CONFIGURE.COM to as part of the
        flow for creating various DESCRIP.MMS files.
        Since the system C preprocessor does the job well enough, if
        passed the /STANDARD=VAXC switch, we no longer need TRADCPP.
      - TPU routines factored into [.VMS]CONFIGTAIL.TPU
        A large chunk of "in-line" TPU code from CONFIGURE.COM_IN now
        resides (cleaned up and in much more compact form) in the new
        file [.VMS]CONFIGTAIL.TPU.  These will probably be merged w/
        [.VMS]ROUTINES.TPU at some point.
    - Installation Methodology
        No changes.
    - GNU CVS Repository Integration
        Aside from DESCRIP.MMS and files that go into its creation,
        all [.LIB-SRC] merges are now complete.
        The patch filecount is now 73.

patch, instructions, convenience script and other files in dir:

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