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Chart version 4 - chart.el stock and commodity quotes

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Chart version 4 - chart.el stock and commodity quotes
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 10:44:43 +1000
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Chart is a Guile+Gtk program for displaying stock and commodity graphs
and quotes.  It includes an Emacs interface for quotes and the
"favourites" watchlist.  The Chart home page is

If you read financial news in emacs M-x chart-quote is a good way to
see a current price for one symbol (eg. "CL.NYMEX" for crude oil or
"GM" for general motors).

For tracking a set of stocks M-x chart-watchlist brings up a
"favourites" watchlist of quotes in a buffer for viewing or editing.
This is the same as the watchlist in the main Chart GUI, but it's
within emacs and it works on a text mode terminal (where the Chart Gtk
GUI cannot run).

All this is still at personal project level and a bit rough around the
edges, but the aims are serious.

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