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Is this circumvention of the GPL?

Subject: Is this circumvention of the GPL?
Date: 3 Apr 2002 16:49:52 GMT
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NOTE: I am entertaining these thoughts as a theoretical possibility and
am not going to do anything that I am describing.

1. Are you bound by your own GPL? Suppose that I write Foobar 1.0 and
release it under GPL. Then suppose that I make extensive changes to
it and release Foobar 2.0 but not under GPL. Would that be illegal? It
seems that the answer is no, since I am not bound by my own license.

2. Let's say that I write a program and release it under GPL. However,
the program is written in an extremely idiosyncratic style so as not to
be understandable to anyone but its author. Is it legal?


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