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Re: dead list or what ?

From: Jad Saklawi
Subject: Re: dead list or what ?
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 14:31:58 -0800
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Quoting ned <>:

> after a thread on gnu-hurd list about politics/free-software/open-source,
> someone told me that this could be the place for such topic.
  To tell you the truth i feel the need for the rise of gnu-hurd because i am 
fed up of the fact that linux is devloped using non free-software "bk", and the 
fact that gnu-hurd is a micro kernel which makes things much more logical and 
easier to deal with. I don`t know what this list`s topic is supposed to be 
about exactly since it is titled with "misc" any way we can make of it 
something fun and productive..
                                             Greets, Jad

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