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Re: FSF : lackeys of their corporate masters

From: Snuffelluffogus
Subject: Re: FSF : lackeys of their corporate masters
Date: 6 May 2004 17:43:06 -0700

Oh, so I'm not REALLY in your KILL FILE, eh?
I knew you would be tempted...

> Where should courtesy come from except from YEARS of EXPENSIVE

Basic human decency is an attribute of any normal child, and if society
or industry or religion is removing that then these institutions
should be changed first. Start by abolishing religion.

> Anyway, so you think it would be unethical for a paraplegic recovery
> patient to help a little old lady across a busy road without payment
> because it required YEARS of EXPENSIVE TREATMENT for him to gain that
> ability, right?

The purpose of his training was not helping people. He might be
putting someone out of work who is trained to help old people.

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