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Re: The basic fact about the free software movement and the problem, the

From: AM Christophe
Subject: Re: The basic fact about the free software movement and the problem, the solution
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 21:16:45 +0200
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Snuffelluffogus wrote:
> The problem is that it is the libertarians who are winning
> the struggle for control of Linux, and because the general public
> naturally will view the libertarians as the weaker-willed
> and less virtuous of the two camps, since nobody loves someone
> who caves into the bully (big  business), or who represents the bully.
> And this is a loss for Linux. Linux is no longer the David against Goliath
> but seems to be Goliath's sidekick. Thus the public has less and less
> inclination to use Linux and free software as time goes by.

Making money with open source is a common practice. Have a look here to
understand how most people here think:

> The solution to this problem is to dump the GPL and instead
> use a non-corporate license that specifically prohibits companies
> over perhaps 5 people from using the software, on pain of
> lawsuit. To ensure compliance, software should be written with
> a kind of pinger that accesses a server ; if the ping comes from
> a known-to-be-corporate site e.g., then the server software
> tells the program to shut down.

Hahaha. I haven't noticed that you were trying to amuse the newgroup. The
cross-posting confirm that you are teasing (and certainly trolling too ;).
Teaser! :)

\|/ @u(==-

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