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Gnu-Friends Digest 6/27/04

From: Brian Gough
Subject: Gnu-Friends Digest 6/27/04
Date: 28 Jun 2004 10:08:02 +0100

This is the Weekly digest for

New FSF associate membership website 
  By brian, 2004-06-26 11:08:04 
  Section: News

[From FSF] The Free Software Foundation has upgraded its Associate
Membership web site The new site is built on
the GPL'd Plone system, with lots of extra configuration work and
feature implementation by FSF staffers, James Blair and Paul Fisher.

Members can now more easily configure their payment settings and other
information regarding their membership accounts. In addition, over the
coming year, John Sullivan (membership coordinator) will use the new
software to build a better communication path with the FSF membership --
something that many people requested at the Membership Meeting in March.


Redhat releases GFS under the GPL 
  By brian, 2004-06-26 11:06:45 
  Section: News

Redhat has released the GFS network file system under the GNU General
Public License, following its acquisition of Sistina last year.


FSF seeking system analyst/database guru (contract) 
  By brian, 2004-06-26 11:06:34 
  Section: News

[From Bradley Kuhn] The Free Software Foundation is currently seeking
someone to fill a medium-term contract for an exciting project. The skill
set required is quite specialized, and we need someone with extensive
experience doing this type of work. Therefore, it has been difficult to
find the right candidate.


FFII analysis of new EU constitution, demonstration 
  By brian, 2004-06-26 11:05:46 
  Section: News

[From FFII] FFII has posted an analysis of the potential impact of the new
EU constitution on the issue of software idea patents. The FFII website
also has a photo report on the latest demonstration against software
patents, in Karlsruhe with 1000 participants.


RTAI realtime conference (Milan, 8 July) 
  By brian, 2004-06-26 11:05:22 
  Section: News

The Department of Aerospace Engineering of Politecnico di Milano is
organizing a one-day meeting on the RTAI hard real-time extension to the
Linux kernel on July 8th at the Politecnico di Milano. The conference is
free, but a registration is requested, by sending an email to

Brian Gough

Network Theory Ltd,
Publishing Free Software Manuals ---

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