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Re: Use of GPL'd code with proprietary programs

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: Use of GPL'd code with proprietary programs
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 09:48:48 +0200

Rainer Weikusat wrote:

[... copyright misuse ...]

> The GPL does not contain a grantback provision, 

Sure it does. It triggers when I want to distribute derivative works
(which is okay). The only 'problem' is that the FSF makes totally
idiotic claims. But those claims can only help someone to put all the 
FSF's copyrights in quasi "public domain" (I mean the penalty for 
copyright misuse) or, perhaps, help the FSF in establishing insanity 
defense. I mean their claims like


In an object-oriented language such as Java, if I use a class that 
is GPL'ed without modifying, and subclass it, in what way does the 
GPL affect the larger program? 

Subclassing is creating a derivative work. Therefore, the terms of 
the GPL affect the whole program where you create a subclass of a 
GPL'ed class. 


Hey dak, that's why "the legal effect of the FAQ (which are not 
part of the license itself) is uncertain." ;-)
(Subject: Re: The worst that can happen to GPLed code)


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