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Re: Blame anyone and anything BUT Linux.

From: Alan Hughes
Subject: Re: Blame anyone and anything BUT Linux.
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 13:48:35 +0100
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Look at the original author - its the one and only Swanpee. He lurks around
the newsgroups and under bridges, troll'ing just as hard as he can. Best
bet is to killfile him (something I did a long time ago).

da wrote:

> Making these kinds of statements in this newsgroup is like...
> ...speaking out against the Catholic Church in 14th Century Spain!!!
> Do you have a death wish or something?
> Egads, man!
> -- da
> "Swampee" <> wrote in message
>> That's the name of the game when it comes to the pathetic state of Linux
>> advocacy.
>> Typical answers to questions in Linux groups are:
>> 1. You're an idiot.
>> 2. RTFM
>> 3. Write your own xxxyyyzzz (compiler, word processor, graphics driver
> etc)
>> 4. Blame your hardware manufacturer for not supporting Linux (so who DOES
>> support Linux)
>> 5. Try distro x instead of distro y (the all famous distribution shuffle)
>> 6. RPM has troubles, but apt is great.
>> 7. apt has troubles but rpm is great.
>> 8. You are using an outdated version.
>> 9. There is something wrong with you.
>> 10. Works fine for me, it must be you. (Generally the Linux freak is FOS)
>> 11. App *foo* is not Linux.
>> 12. Kde sucks use gnome.
>> 13 gnome sucks use kde.
>> 14 Linux is the kernel. (As if that's good for anything useful by itself)
>> 15. Suse is not linux.
>> 16 Redhat is not Linux.
>> 17 Debian is not Linux.
>>  (Makes me wonder WHAT *IS* Linux*...
>> Yea, blame anything but never blame Linux.
>> The problem with that mentality is that LINUX *IS* the PROBLEM.

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