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Re: Will The Hurd Trample The Penguin ?!?

From: John Bailo
Subject: Re: Will The Hurd Trample The Penguin ?!?
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 03:35:10 -0700
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amosf wrote:

> I thought the os/x kernel was open source, at least parts of it? ie darwin
> 8.2 (core for os/x 10.4.2)

So Darwin = Open Source code for OS/X ?

Their page is a little confusing to me.  

Is it the whole OS or just the GUI?

And, so, in theory, could all this OSX code be copied into GNU/Linux and
used there at no cost?

They write:

"DarwinPowered by Darwin   Apple's open source projects allow developers to
customize and enhance key Apple software. Through the open source model,
Apple engineers and the open source community collaborate to create better,
faster and more reliable products for our users. 

 Beneath the appealing, easy-to-use interface of Mac OS X is a rock-solid
foundation that is engineered for stability, reliability, and performance.
This foundation is a core operating system commonly known as Darwin. Darwin
integrates a number of technologies, most importantly Mach 3.0,
operating-system services based on 4.4BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution),
high-performance networking facilities, and support for multiple integrated
file systems."

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