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Re: Linus CHARGING $5,000 to use Linux name!!!!!

From: linux-sux
Subject: Re: Linus CHARGING $5,000 to use Linux name!!!!!
Date: 21 Aug 2005 08:23:06 -0700
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Karen Hill wrote:
: Linus is now doing the ol' switchero.  It is all over the news, if
: want to use his trademark, Linux, you must pay 5,000 dollars!
: have been sent to 90 companies in Australia already demanding the 5
: grand.  Just like all the others have warned, Linux was only free
: it got enough suckers to use it.   Hopefully, now the Linux advocates
: can see that they were bamboozeled by a classic business move, of
: giving away a product for free (linux), until it got good enough to
: compete with the other players.  Once enough people are on the
: and can't easily switch, JACK UP THE PRICES, ala RHT.
: First Redhat decided to cash in and now Linus Torvalds.  The free
: software movement is a scam.  It was from the beginning when Stallman
: was charging for the media during the time when the internet was not
: popular.

that's cause linus is a greedy lintard. now that a couple people
finally use this worthless os it's his chance to make a few measly
dollars. linus is a 3rd rate gates wannabe.

if he was really worried bout protecting his retarded trademark he'd
charge a nominal fee of $1 and deny applicants he doesn't like.

his true colors finally show. he's a greedy punk like the rest of them.

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