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Google not supporting open-standard ?

From: spamharvestor
Subject: Google not supporting open-standard ?
Date: 27 Sep 2005 22:04:00 -0700
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Please don't flame me for cross-posting, but I need to point this out
to all that support the idea of open-standard and/or open-source.

If you go to this page:

and then scroll down to "Design Policy:" - use the "find" function on
your browser to help, if you must - and you will find that of all
people, google, the company that is supposed to be so kewl, is
requiring book publishers to use either jpeg or gif format to submit
their logo.

I mean, both gif and jpeg formats are famous for their
patents-holder-lawsuit, right ?

And I just wonder if google ever heard of file format such as PNG ?

Man, this really makes me wonder if the PNG format will ever survive or

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