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Re: GNU licenses

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: GNU licenses
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2006 11:03:18 +0200

Stefaan A Eeckels wrote:
> That is incorrect. The GPL only requires derivative works to be
> distributed under the GPL. It cannot, and does not, determine the

In legal sense, exclusive distribution right is about copies (material
objects), not works. Works are licensed, not distributed.

> license under which the original work is released. The only person who
> can determine how an original work is licensed is the author.

Check. (Modulo legality (lack thereof) of allegedly anticompetive price-
fixing restriction -- Wallace's case is currently under "de novo" review 
by a Circuit Court in US.)

> As such, the author of the GPLed work has the right to require all
> works that contain the GPLed work, or are derivative works of the GPLed
> work, to be either not distributed, or distributed under the GPL.

There's no need to muddy the water, Eeckels. Works that "contain the 
GPLed work" are not "all" derivative works of the GPLed work. In fact, 
in most usual and frequent cases they are not.


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