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Re: What DMCA stands for

From: Rui Miguel Silva Seabra
Subject: Re: What DMCA stands for
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 23:09:46 +0100

Qui, 2006-10-05 às 20:04 +0200, Merijn de Weerd escreveu:
> On 2006-10-05, Alfred M. Szmidt <> wrote:
> >    Censorship is about stopping original content being propagated, not
> >    about stopping the propagation of material copyrighted by somebody
> >    else.
> >
> > Copyrighted material is often original material,  DMCA/EUCD stop the
> > propagation of this material, even if all users have this moral right;
> > thus, censorship.
> No. You are censored if you are not free to voice or propagate 
> your own opinion. Inflating this term to also mean the stopping
> of copying of other works will only desensitize people to
> real censorship.

Why do people so often assume DMCA/EUCD is only about copying works?

What does DMCA/EUCD really does beyond "copy"? Do you at least know?

It prevent access to works...
It forbids certain works since they prevent "access to works
prevention" (TPM).

This is CENSORSHIP. It's not desentivity to real censorship. This is
actual and factual censorship (government action).


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