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Re: Confused about LGPL terms - can you help?

From: Byron A Jeff
Subject: Re: Confused about LGPL terms - can you help?
Date: 25 Nov 2006 07:44:34 -0500

In article <ek9dmp$>,
Byron A Jeff <> wrote:
>In article <>,
>Alfred M. Szmidt <> wrote:


>Note that folks like Red Hat use trademark enforcement to embed inherent
>monetary value, and associated redistribution restrictions, to their
>software packages. If one could copy and redistribute an unmodified
> Redhat enterprise CD, trust me that folks would do so. Also any
>support is associated with the original purchased CD, not any redistributed
>copies. So once again, it's the the GPL that's driving the commercialism of


>such an enterprise.


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