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Re: GPL question

From: Bilgehan . Balban
Subject: Re: GPL question
Date: 23 May 2007 07:51:43 -0700
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On May 15, 9:27 pm, John Hasler <> wrote:
> Bahadir writes:
> > I don't own the library implementation, but what about any instance of
> > symbols I use in my code?
> The symbols themselves are not protected by copyright at all.
> --
> John Hasler
> Dancing Horse Hill
> Elmwood, WI USA

OK, also there is the concept of a "public interface", which does not
seem to be mentioned in the GNU FAQ. For example the linux kernel
headers are a "public interface", such that they are non-copyrightable
and userspace programs can use them and yet can have non-gnu licenses.
This is mentioned in:

Are those kernel headers explicitly declared as "public interface"
somewhere, or else how do you distinguish a "non-copyrightable public


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