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Re: Why distrust M$, but trust Sun?

From: Roy Schestowitz
Subject: Re: Why distrust M$, but trust Sun?
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 04:15:01 +0100
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____/ on Thursday 26 July 2007 01:34 : \____

> did eloquently scribble:
>> It has been my observation that most of the Linux users
>> that I have encountered tend to use OpenOffice, which is
>> a Sun Microsystems product. It's a decent product, too.
>> It works well and probably better than KOffice. But
>> it occurred to me recently, what is to keep Sun from
>> putting spyware in OpenOffice, for instance on behalf
>> of the NSA? Are they an especially ethical company?
> Open office is OPEN source, if they tried that someone would see it in
> there. And besides, open office might've been initially released by sun but
> it is independent of them. develop open office.
> For the sun version you want the closed source open office derivative "Star
> Office".

Earlier today (elsewhere), someone else was trying to posion people's minds
against ODF, Sun, and StarOffice. , who are you and who are you with?

                ~~ Best of wishes

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