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C, C++ and Perl Workshops by NYLXS

From: Ruben
Subject: C, C++ and Perl Workshops by NYLXS
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 23:03:48 -0400
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While we have some summer off time I'm going to lead 3 workshops for
beginners through the NYLXS Mailing List at

We will be doing Introduction to C Programming using the book

C Programming:  A Modren Approach

by K.N.King

I'll be developing C programming notes on line as we go.  This book is fairly 

Also we will do Perl Porgramming

using the Perl Programming Notes of NYLXS on

I'll be reediting these notes as we go, but they are fairly complete as they are

Finally, we will be learning C++ with the text
C++ Primer
Stanley Lippman and Josee Lajoie - I have the 3rd addition

I took C++ at NYU but frankly have not nearly enough background, so I'll be 
making notes
and learning along with everyone else.

Anyone who wants to join is welcome to.  NYLXS Accounts are available on the 
server for a
NYLXS membership fee of $45 (and then you need to do volunteer hours to become 
a voting
member).  We will also use the NYLXS irc channel to meet on line weekly as 

The irc channel is on freenode #nylxs

The mailing list itself is published on the NYLXS site.  Hope you join us!

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