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a list of software compiled by completely free toolchain

From: Gabriel Striewe
Subject: a list of software compiled by completely free toolchain
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 19:45:44 +0100 (CET)

Hello all,

Python (if I am not right, I am sure there exist other examples of this case) as of now seems to still depend on Visual C being compiled on Windows and still causing problems being compiled with MinGW. Now, assuming that providing open source software on Windows doesn't give Windows an unfair advantage having all this good software available on it, but rather to the contrary, makes it easier for Windows users making the transition to Linux, since all the software they started using on Windows (open source software, of course) is available on Linux, too, doesn't this mean Python is not as free as it could be? What if one day Visual C in its license forbids using it to compile open source software? Is that completely impossible?

On the Gnu website there is a list of completely free linux distributions. Would this website be also a place for a list of software which

a) exists on Linux as well as Windows, making the transition to a good operating system possible

b) can (on Windows) be compiled using a completely free toolchain (that is, MinGW)

Any hints whether such a site / interest group already exists are greatly appreciated.


Gabriel Striewe

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