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Guidelines for Creating GNU Spaces

From: Christian Bryant
Subject: Guidelines for Creating GNU Spaces
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 07:25:39 -0700
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GCGS [1] is a book that explores the core requirements of creating
"GNU spaces", drawing parallels with "hacker spaces" but focusing
on making freedom the primary goal, pulling together ethical programmers and GNU hackers to write free software and the
documentation that supports it, while also educating users and
providing a "free software zone" in cities where such environments
may not currently exist. From the philosophical to the practical,
GCGS is a manual for the GNU hackers and FSF members of tomorrow.

I welcome feedback from GNU hackers and FSF members who have had
key roles in leadership and formation of GNU/FSF-oriented groups,
large or small, and who have feedback toward the outline and goals
set forth in the project's TODO [2].  The target audience initially
is intended to be GNU/FSF novices who may not realize the wealth of
resources available to them to achieve the goal of starting a new
community, and who may be inspired to read about notable free
software leaders and their experiences.

Thanks, and cheers!


Christian Bryant
GNU+Linux-libre = Freedom
IRC: #gnulinuxlibre @freenode

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