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Re: A GNU “social contract”?

From: Alexandre François Garreau
Subject: Re: A GNU “social contract”?
Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2019 17:54:59 +0100

Le samedi 2 novembre 2019, 10:57:54 CET Alfred M. Szmidt a écrit :
> But that is the thing -- GNU maintainers don't agree to anything other
> than technical aspects.  The GNU project isn't about founding a
> community, it is about creating a free operating system.

That is even more important that it is the main way of benefiting from 
copyleft, by receiving work from full-time paid employee, that will help 
compete with full-time paid employee proprietary software.

The only and main moral standing and guard of GNU is rms (and some other non-
fully-technical committees, mandated by him), not maintainers, nor developers 
or contributors.  And I don’t expect FSF to do that (especially as it is a 
non-technical entity).

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