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Re: GNU Kind Communication Guidelines versus social contract or Codes of

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: GNU Kind Communication Guidelines versus social contract or Codes of Conduct
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2019 15:39:31 -0500

   You are very, very wrong.  We are trying very hard to stay within GNU,
   but the feedback we have received so far on GNU mail lists suggests
   that we are not wanted here.

That is clearly not true, you're most welcome, and your work is more
than needed, the more people write free software or hack on GNU the
better!  But have you considered the feelings of other members, and
what they have and are going through?

There are many feelings boiling, for many reasons, so it is wise to
step back and not take what people write literally, and try much
harder than usual to understand the other sides argument and state of

We want GNU to succeed, and out live all of us, but since RMS founded
this project, and has lead it for 35+ years, it is his decision as to
what the future of the project will be.  It would be quite unwise to
dismiss because you disagree on some unrelated topic...

   Keep in mind that *we* have to justify to our friends and colleagues
   why we support, through our paid and unpaid work, a project that
   refuses to distance itself from a leader who has bizarre notions about
   consent.  This is the reality for us.

Since one is not related to the other, that shouldn't be hard to
justify: I support the GNU project because I want a free operating
system, what personal opinions people have is theirs to have.  You can
easily distance yourself from someones opinion.

But can we please stop raising peoples private opinions that are
unrelated to either free software, or the GNU project on this list?
If you want to discuss such topics, it is best done in person.

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