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Re: Setting up a wiki for GNU Project volunteers?

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Setting up a wiki for GNU Project volunteers?
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2019 18:48:54 +0100
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Hi Brandon,

Brandon Invergo <> skribis:

>> Where could we host a wiki like this without causing confusion with
>> official project content?
> Unless that decision changes, any wiki discussed here is necessarily
> unofficial and any proposed content is in no way implicitly endorsed or
> supported by the GNU Project.

If we’re going meta, then we should start discussing what “official”
means.  And IMO, that’s the whole point: it’s time to define it.

> Personally, I've found that in most cases wikis are an inefficient means
> of active collaboration and discussion, that they accumulate outdated
> cruft too quickly for casual documentation to be anything more than
> ephemerally useful, and that they're too mutable for maintaining
> important documents.  Any best practices, advice, etc. would be better
> placed in the coding standards or maintainers documents.  Active
> collaboration of small teams does not need a project-wide wiki and can
> be more efficiently achieved by ad hoc methods.  Core documentation of
> the project should only be on the main website, and by definition it
> should not be easy to change.

I should say I very much agree with this statement, but I think Carlos
is using the term “wiki” in a broad sense: documents under version
control that can easily be published as web pages.

Like Andy writes, I assume only GNU stakeholders would have write access
to those documents, which makes it very different from the kind of wiki
you’re referring to.


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