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[Gnue-dev] Two GCommBase Questions

From: Harald Meyer
Subject: [Gnue-dev] Two GCommBase Questions
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 20:03:58 +0200


looking at the source code of, I found two things which
kept me wondering:

1.) Line 167:
__call__ calls the associated client adapter with it self as a method.
I think I understand the principle:
ProxyObjects not only stand for remote objects, but also for their
methods. if a proxy object is called with an attribute(method) an proxy
object for it is created (with __getattr__). Now the __call__ method
emulates the calling of this method.

What I don't understand is: runMethod expects a string, but self is a
reference. Is the conversion done implictly, wenn the C-Code of
py-rpcxml is called?

2.) Lines 82 and 95:
Why does Server have two exactly equal  serveAsNewThread methods. I
guess one would be enough. This doesn't do any harm, but I made a patch
which removes one of the methods and sent it to address@hidden .

Harald Meyer

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