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[Gnue-dev] i18n (internationalization)

From: Arturas Kriukovas
Subject: [Gnue-dev] i18n (internationalization)
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 20:47:51 +0200 (DFT)


Derek adviced me to write, that because of exams, i will not appear
on irc for about 2 weeks, however it'll be possible to reach me via email

Current stage of i18n:
  almost finished i18n data, that depends on client (you can have menus
and labels and etc. in your native language [ok, not in all, but in most
languages :)]).
  Data, that is taken from form (.gfd) itself, is not yet i18n, that is
considered to be the next major step.

have a good day


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