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Re: Inventory class proposal

From: Andrew Hill
Subject: Re: Inventory class proposal
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2000 01:03:41 +1300

> The Object Server Document says that all objects are stored in the
> same database. I hope that this will not be the case.
> In our quite simple environment we are planning to have three to four
> different computers acting as database servers with different roles
> (storing people, storing inventory, storing lab-reports) but the
> aplication has to evaluate information from all of them.

Is this the same database engine or different databases engines?.
(ie talking to the same database back end or having to talk to multiple
database backends).  Or is it simply having the same database engine but
multiple databases in there?.  Supporting muiltple database engines will
break the current design and API a lot and would require a lot of work. 
can give a lot of flexiablity of distrubting the app over serveral

I'm starting to form an idea of how to do it. But this is stuff that
be in till at least v0.2 i'd say, unless someone else wants to do it
which i really would appreciate.


Andrew Hilll
treshna Enterprises Ltd

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