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WyattERP - another opensource ERP project

From: Todd Boyle
Subject: WyattERP - another opensource ERP project
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 17:23:28 -0800

Here read this- ERP vendors web-izing their software
and pitching it to small business:

Oddly, the author, Maggie Biggs, regards the ERP vendors'
web modules as a great choice for small business but didn't
mention any of the retail webledgers like Netledger, eLedger,
BAPort, bizfinity, salsa, etc. etc.

She is also very high on this new opensource ERP project,
WyattERP although she never mentioned the real open source
projects (Linux Kontor, GNUE, and FERMS)   As far as I can
see here,  nothing has happened since February on WyattERP.

WyattERP is RPG/AS400 but maybe somebody out there is interested
in this.  They had at least 10 developers interested, who could
be a resource to any open source ERP project, in various ways,

* Todd F. Boyle CPA
* address@hidden    Kirkland WA    (425) 827-3107
* XML accounting, webledgers, BSPs, ASPs, whatever it takes

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