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Greetings GNUe folks

From: Jerry Spicklemire
Subject: Greetings GNUe folks
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 14:27:43 -0500

Hi There,

I've just discoveredthe GNUe project after a search for Free accounting, 
etc. This project is very exciting, and from what I can tell has some 
very fine decision making as a foundation, especially in the design,
language, and initial RDBM choices. Below are just a few  ideas of some
things to look at, if you haven't already, along the lines of re-using
exisitng code:

The ZODB object database that underpins Zope is growing in use for ODB
needs independant of Zope core.

The OpenFlow project, now in CVS at SourceForge is an implementatin of
an international standards based workflow system. Currently implemented
in Zope, but as you well know, any well defined object oriented system
can be a great jumping off point. Since it's all essentially Python, it
may be easier than anyone would reasonably expect.

The TransWarp project being developed by Phil Eby and Ty Sarna has
several "aspects" that suggest a synergy with the stated goals of
allowing a very flexible implementation of GNUe modules on various
clients. BTW, this project is only related to Zope in a historical
sense, since it is the direct descendant of the Zope specific ZPatterns
project, developed by the same team.

As far as I know, all of these, and many other related modules are GNU
or BSD, so that they can certainly be incorporated and distributed with
GNU code.

I'm not a code wizard by any stretch, but I am trying to develop
documentation skills, and am going after service clients needing better
solutions that the "shrink wrap" stuff.

Thanks for the great project!
Jerry S.

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