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Re: Greetings GNUe folks

From: A.
Subject: Re: Greetings GNUe folks
Date: 19 May 2001 15:20:57 -0700


> The ZODB object database that underpins Zope is growing in use for ODB
> needs independant of Zope core.

Unfortunately, I dont think its a good fit for GNUe, mainly because its
not robost enough.  There is no reason of course someone couldnt write
the adaptors for it and use it.

> The OpenFlow project, now in CVS at SourceForge is an implementatin of
> an international standards based workflow system. Currently implemented
> in Zope, but as you well know, any well defined object oriented system
> can be a great jumping off point. Since it's all essentially Python, it
> may be easier than anyone would reasonably expect.

This is worth checking out, though it would have to be Zope independent
as I dont think we want to add Zope as a dependency to GNUe at this

> The TransWarp project being developed by Phil Eby and Ty Sarna has
> several "aspects" that suggest a synergy with the stated goals of
> allowing a very flexible implementation of GNUe modules on various
> clients. BTW, this project is only related to Zope in a historical
> sense, since it is the direct descendant of the Zope specific ZPatterns
> project, developed by the same team.

Will have to look at this.


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